Tickets to Show, “Wicked” For Sale

I have two tickets for Wicked on Saturday, October 5th for the 8pm show. Will sell them for what I bought them or swap for Friday night or Saturday matinee seats. Call Kelli at 501-620-0954 if interested.

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HighEdWeb Presentation

Feighl and Ritter at conference

While attending the Arkansas HighEdWeb Regional Conference recently, I was impressed with the amount of valuable information presented in one of the conference sessions. This interesting (& entertaining) presentation, How to Train Your Dragon, described the relationship between the mobile website, social media marketing and constituency satisfaction.

Acknowledging that the technical and political conflicts can sometimes get overwhelming, the presenters explained that this “three-headed dragon” of demands must find a way to work cooperatively in order to achieve institutional success. They suggested methods & tools that can help manage college websites, social media efforts, and other “dragon-training” duties.  Many attendees seemed to share my appreciation for the information provided. The presenters of this conference session were our NPCC webmaster, Robert Feighl, and Special Projects Coordinator, Melony Ritter.

These two NPCC web development colleagues were among a group of higher education professionals from across the United States and Canada selected to make presentations at the Arkansas conference. They were also selected to make the presentation at the National Council for Marketing and Public Relations district conference in Texas this fall. In my opinion, when these two make a presentation, audiences benefit and . . .
NPCC is well represented!

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Admissions Link Discussion

Hello All,

I am working on a link to our Admissions Procedure page on website:

This will be a code snippet or “ASSET” in our Content Management System that our content editors in each academic division can insert at the bottom of each page on your academic section of website, on pages where you talk about your degree programs and certificates, and right below where you might say, Please contact so and so for more information, I would like to put something like this:

Ready to Enroll?  Need more information to help you get started?  Refer to our Admissions Procedure.

This link will take them to that procedure with links to Financial Aid, Enrollment Application, etc., etc.

This code snippet will be an editable asset that we can change as needed but will change everywhere we use it to maintain consistency.  Our students and community need to know where the content is and our help here with this is so very important.

What we need from you is your input on:

  • Where it should be located on the page across the website
  • What should it say exactly
  • Any other links needed there? or more information?

Please reply to this blog for discussion of this topic and not to campus email.  We need to start using the blog for discussions to avoid the issues we have with NPCC Webmail.


Rob Feighl
Business Division – Faculty / NPCC Webmaster

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Scooter Blog: Why Geese Fly in a V-Shaped Formation

Scooter Blog:  Why Geese Fly in a V-Shaped Formation
by NPCC Webmaster

Coming back to campus from lunch on a warm day in June 2013, I was riding my scooter as usual and on Bull Bayou Road. It is a much quieter road that I refer to as the back way to our campus. That is where I saw them once again.  You know the road I am talking about where you turn right, before you come to highway 227. It is the way most of us see every day. What did I see? I saw those beautiful creatures, a flock of geese, crossing the road heading towards the water along Bull Bayou Road to enjoy a quiet spot in the shade.

Geese at Bull Bayou Road, Lake Hamilton

I had to slow down to avoid hitting them and then I suddenly came to a stop, looking back of course to make sure there was no traffic. I snapped a quick picture with my iPhone. I have seen them at least one other time crossing the road like that in Hot Springs and always on my Scooter.  I never can take the picture fast enough to actually show them crossing the road but I did get them arriving at their destination. A place we all enjoy, especially in the summer time.

The experience reminded me of a story I have often told in public speeches about the question, why do geese fly in that V-shaped formation?  Next time you look up and see them flying you will find an outstanding illustration that can be used in a wide variety of teaching scenarios.  It is a story that I am certain many of you have heard but I am amazed at how much we can learn from just one example of the many creations we have around us.  Of course, geese are not the only birds or species for that matter, that fly in that type of formation but it is interesting to know why they do.  If you are pilot, a veteran, or a fan of aviation, you know what I am talking about.

Without getting too much in to the scientific details, it is an example of working together as a unit.  The geese fly this way to benefit from the efforts of each other, that flying unit, or family.  You can look up online many different versions of this story to learn more but it has to do with aerodynamics, conservation of energy, and teamwork. We get where we are going faster if we work on the thrust of one another, which works as well for geese as it does for people!

The geese honk from behind to encourage those in front to keep up the pace and to stay in formation.  What do you say from behind when you honk? When one of the birds gets hurt or sick, two other geese follow that one down to the ground.  They stay there with that one until they are better or …they are dead. Now this is not meant to make us sad but remind us all of the importance of standing by each other that way!

Is that not an excellent illustration we could use in a classroom, to help our students accomplish whatever goals they have in life?  If you think so, please comment on this blog with some of your ideas and thoughts on this topic.


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Use of our NPCC FacStaff Blog

Tired of having to clean out your Email inbox?  You can help with this!

If you have need of a forum for your department or for campus faculty and/or staff discussions, and you do not want to use email, which is recommended to help with overloading our NPCC webmail service, please use our facstaff blog at  This blog is for you, our NPCC Faculty and Staff!

For discussions, for expression of ideas, for auctions, or for sale of personal items, etc.  We can create whatever channel of discussion you want and those who use it can subscribe to your discussion or channel and receive an email when you post.  It works on desktop, laptop, tablet pc’s, and mobile devices…anywhere you are!

Note:  Any faculty & staff member can post a comment there to an existing posting but if you want to originate the post or create special categories for discussions, just let me know and I can setup your account and get you started blogging right away.  If you are unfamiliar with blogging or posting online, let me know and I would be happy to visit with you and help all I can.


Rob Feighl
NPCC Webmaster

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Only Disappointment, Lost hopes, and Lost Dreams? If Only…

Only disappointment, lost hopes, and lost dreams? If only…
by NPCC Webmaster (maybe), student always, and a teacher that I strive to be.

How often I have said… “If only I would have done this or if only I had done that…”

Worse yet, how often I have thought or felt that if only they would have told me this or told me that…then I could have done something or things could have worked out better.

As I get older and hopefully get wiser but more realistically it’s more bruised and battered as I stumble around in the darkness looking for the light.  It is then that I discover along this path that everything I thought I knew is gone and everything I thought was important is not and the more I strive for these things the more they slip away.

When I was too young to even remember my father, imperfect as he was, and such a genius in so many ways…mathematics, science, and so much more, I marveled at so many things about him.  An inventor he was of technology that is commonplace today and the forerunner of many new things like tablet pc’s and much more. Despite these many gifts, he found it difficult to manage his daily life, most comfortable in his laboratory he was, creating and designing things that only boggle the mind.  How many times I wanted to be like him.  To understand Calculus and other higher forms of mathematics that came so easily to him like breathing does to most of us.  How often I have tried, over my relatively short lifetime, to be like him, and for him to be proud of me.

Sadder still is how much I still struggle with those feelings after he is gone, from suicide at my fifteenth birthday or from some other most difficult tragedy many of us have faced.  He lingers still and drove even more to imitate, to please, to satisfy, to measure up to.

Now years later after so much effort have I found peace, have I found contentment, have I found satisfaction on my journey?  No, only disappointment, lost hopes, and lost dreams.

If only…if only I had listened… to my mother, to my family, to another father, my friends, my congregation, my heavenly father … how different my life would have been.

So many bad times, so few good times, if only I would have appreciated those times more and tried to see the good or the really good in them all … only then could I have made better choices and if only I could go back in time and live over these moments could I find the happiness I have always wanted…but would I have?

It is at your breaking point when your life has real clarity.  When you are at your worst and beaten, crushed and at the point where you want to give it all up.  That is when it happens.  What happens? Have you heard that expression that ‘when life closes all the doors in your life that is when…[when you least expect it,] when He opens a little window’? It may be hard to see and difficult to squeeze through but if you have the courage and now the humility and faith to take a chance and get through it…that is when you find out the truth, when you find out that everything that you worked so hard for was just a ‘striving after the wind’.

When you pick yourself up and you open your eyes that is when you realize that everything that you have put your faith in and your trust in, was an illusion.  All of the effort and time and blood, sweat, and tears to build an engineering business for over 25 years can be taken away over night by a storm that has lasted many years.  A storm that still rages and affects us all.

Lost hopes, lost dreams and now many disappointments have occurred for us all. For me though and you too there is reason for hope.   Now I have a new job and then another job and a new education and also another education, and more responsibilities and new friends and a new family in a place I never expected to find it.

I have worked hard, very hard these past few years but so have all of you.  You have inspired me, encouraged me, and picked me up when I was down; when I was crushed and beaten you were there.  Now I am better and now I feel whole again. I am excited because I am learning new things everyday, many for the first time.  I am discovering who I am and what is most important in life.  I see a light that keeps getting brighter and brighter. It illuminates a very long road that I stumbled along my entire life.  I still trip and fall, but I get up now many times slowly but I get up and that is what matters most!  It is not important how many times we fall it only matters that we get up and continue the race to the finish.

Yes so many times I have said if only, if only I would have known but no more.  I have known despite the many times You have told me but I was not listening.  I was too busy building a life that I could never have.  A life that did not belong to me, not really, but now I have found a life that does.  It is a life that belongs to all of us and is always within our reach if we work together.  We have all suffered and we have all fallen but we can get up and get up we will…together.  If we can just open our eyes to the possibility, even for just a moment we will see it.  Look at how much we have accomplished these past few years working alone or with others or in our various departments, in our homes, and congregations  Each and all with good intentions and conscientious efforts, but consider for just a moment–all that we can accomplish–if we work together with God’s blessing.

Yes, hope may be lost and dreams may have slipped by but they are not really gone. They are only recreated in new ways and with better outcomes.  So please, I beg you don’t hold on to the past, but work hard today, and look up to the future.  We all have the opportunity for a wonderful future if we have the faith to take that chance and work hard towards that goal as an individual yes, but more importantly as family, as an institution, as a congregation, as a community, as a nation, or better yet as an international brotherhood on this planet working together for the common good of all and not just to ourselves but for our heavenly Creator.  ‘Yes come with me and take life’s water free’-Rev.22:17.

In the days and months ahead for as long as we can, I look forward to working with you all in one way or another.  I have been interviewing faculty and staff for last few years but have not said much about me.  I cannot ask you to do what I have not done.  We all have stories and experiences like this.  Please share yours here or in the interviews to come 🙂

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Results of Questia’s 2013 Most Valuable Professor

Read about the results here:

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